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Designing a man's next life chapter

Divorce can be harder for men than for women. It comes more naturally for women to share intimate details about how they’re feeling with friends and family members. Whereas men often avoid the grieving process preferring instead to keep their emotions private. A sense of failure and loss can lead men to less productive ways of coping, which can impact their health and well-being. Key facets are involved with the healing process, but creating a supportive personal space is one that can be readily addressed.

Too often, men move into a place that is ‘good enough’ for the short run. The burden of investing time and effort into designing a space like what they left seems insurmountable. Home design and decor may have been something that was appreciated, but not an area of direct concern. Adjusting to a changed financial realty can also seem like a barrier.

Yet, our surroundings impact how we feel. We may respond consciously or subconsciously, but we do react to our environment. A home, our private sanctuary, is where we should feel safe and comfortable. It should be a place where we can let go and experience the emotions of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and ultimately acceptance. A home should not feel or look as if you’ve stepped backwards. It should be a steppingstone for what’s next.

Another reason to emphasize the importance of designing a new life chapter is the need to entertain friends and family. Whether we’re discussing a temporary or more permanent home, it can be designed to be comfortable and welcoming. There shouldn’t be a reason to apologize or explain when people visit. This step is an opportunity to create a space that aligns with your sense of identity. Perhaps making room for a new interest or hobby. Whatever your focus or style, it can be incorporated into design. Interior design projects can be incremental. Again, serving to show change and progress.

W​hat about children? If kids are involved that adds another layer of importance to designing a safe and appealing space. Divorce is hurtful and disruptive, but helping children feel as if their needs are being addressed can serve as a bridge. A comfortable and safe space can help children spend time with their fathers and navigate a divorce. For example, designing a new bedroom can be a fun experience to share.

In summary, the emotional impact of interior d​esign and aesthetics cannot be overstated.

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