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Concierge design services focused on men transitioning to their next chapter is our focus. Whether solo or as a father, navigating through a divorce or loss can be difficult and disruptive. Our goal is to make designing your new home much less complicated.

The process is designed to be both straightforward and effective:


  • We learn about your lifestyle - who and what is most important

  • Design spaces that support your routines and capture your personality

  • Present concepts that will be functional and comfortable to those who will use each space

  • Keep your short and long-term goals in mind

  • Present a budget and timeline for completion


Let us help you make your new home a well-designed start to your next life chapter. 


Accents by Design Concierge Design Firm

Jacqui Higgins
Chief Change Officer

Having personally experienced the impact of divorce and witnessed its effects on loved ones, Jacqui understands the emotional upheaval it can cause. At Accents by Design, her mission is to help divorced men redefine their lives through personalized spaces that promote healing, connection, and progress.

Combining her passion for design with a deep empathy for life's difficult transitions, Jacqui creates environments where individuals can heal, relax, and embark on a new chapter with renewed strength. These spaces are carefully crafted to provide solace, fostering moments of joy and growth as clients move forward.

With Accents by Design, individuals will find a supportive ally dedicated to transforming their spaces into emotional sanctuaries. Jacqui is committed to embarking on this transformative journey together, crafting a place where healing and newfound possibilities coexist.

With a rich background in design spanning 25 years, Jacqui's creative vision has been showcased in various commercial projects, including multi-family and office spaces. Her expertise has been honed through her education in interior design at Newbury College and her study of art at the deCordova Museum.

Jacqui finds inspiration for her designs from her travels, art, photography, and the inherent beauty found in nature.

Accents by Design operates offices in Naples, Florida, and Annapolis, Maryland, catering to clients nationwide.

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