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Contemporary home
Contemporary Living Room

Design Service
Option One


ABOVE $100 000 

Accents by Design is a concierge firm that offers a full complement of interior design and decorating services  aligned to your needs.  


Option One involves a more traditional approach to interior design which starts by learning your preferences, lifestyle, timeframe and budget.  


Option Two is designed to provide comfort as you transition without the usual investment of time or cost.


Whichever option you choose, we'll guide you through every step to make the process less stressful and the end results striking.  With both options, we can involve your children in the process to help them feel as if they 'have a voice'.  Creating a wish list of ideas for their room give you and us direction for a short and long-term design strategy.  

Dinner part with friends
Watching football with the guys

Design Service
Option Two


LESS THAN $100 000

Perfectly suited for men who need a vision for designing the layout for their new home along with sourcing furnishings and decor.

Option One anticipates either a full home design or multiple individual rooms.


Projects may include overall design, furniture, rugs, arts, lighting, wall covering, and bedding. Concierge services based on project size. 


The first step involves contacting us and scheduling a conversation so we can better understand your needs and timeline.


Option Two is ideal for men who are moving into an interim space or need help decorating individual rooms.  

These design projects can sometimes be managed online or remotely and the furnishings designed so they transition into your next home chapter.  

Ease and timeliness is the goal.


The first step, depending on your needs, could be browsing our store where you'll find a collection of furnishings selected for men and children.    


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